Reservations Not Required, but We Appreciate Them for Groups of 10 or More!



Our menus at Badlands Grill LLC include perfectly cooked steak, fresh seafood, and irresistible sides. Visit our location in Gallup, NM, to discover our food for yourself or call us to place an order.

Wet-Aged & Dry-Aged Steaks

We specialize in wet-aged and dry-aged steaks. During the wet-aging process, each cut of meat is vacuum-sealed and aged for 21 days, which allows the cut to break down in its own juices. The dry-aging process takes 40-60 days and involves keeping the meat in a temperature-controlled environment. By varying the temperature, we impart an incredible richness of flavor to the meat. The results will blow your socks off!

Fresh Seafood

We may be located in a desert, but the quality of our seafood is second-to-none. All our seafood products arrive at our restaurant within 24 hours of being caught to ensure optimal freshness and flavor.

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